Avoiding Insect Bites and Stings

Insect bites and stings are for the most part unavoidable but there are ways to prevent them.

Here are 5 Tips to avoid getting bit or stung.

  1. Avoid heavily wooded areas. Insects love to hide in bushes, trees, and dry leafy areas. If you need to walk through a heavily wooded area wear long pants and shirts. The less exposed skin you have will reduce the amount of places insects can bite. 
  2. Avoid wearing perfume and sweet-smelling products. Insects are attracted to scents which is why they often surround flowers. Insects can smell the fragrant on your skin, hair, and clothes. Next time you go outside try using fragrant free products. 
  3. Wear insect repellent. It may not smell amazing but insect repellent will help ward off any insect. Apply the repellent anywhere you have exposed skin and reapply as necessary especially if you start to sweat because this will remove the repellent.
  4. Dress down. Just as the scent from flowers attracts insects, bright colors found in flowers also attracts them. Insects will be attracted to you when wearing a loud pattern such as flowers or something sparkley. Instead dress with earth tones and muted colors. Also it’s important to remember to wear shoes whenever you are outside to avoid insects that live close to the ground such as bees and yellow jackets.
  5. Stay CalmWhen insects come around us our natural instinct is to swing at them to try and shoo them away. This is not a good idea because this behavior makes the insects feel threatened and more likely to sting you. Instead, slowly try moving out out of the way or let the insects buzz around you for a minute. 
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