Don’t let pests scare you out of your home this halloween!

As the weather cools down, you won’t be seeing many flying bugs and insects outside (especially in parts of the country where snow and ice are common). That may have you asking… where did they go? Many pests seek warmer temperatures, which is most commonly found in nearby homes, businesses and storage facilities. It’s important that you prepare your home against their entry to ensure that your home is kept pest free.

As an early Halloween treat, we at ProShield put together a short list of items that you can consider in preparing your home against fall and winter time pests.

  • Seal any cracks, holes or crevices on the outside of your home to ensure that small pests or rodents are unable to enter. Common locations for these to occur are along any entry points such as doors or windows. It is also important to check around any pipes or utility entry points. These can be sealed using an expanding foam sealant or caulk.
  • For openings such as a chimney, a screen vent can be added to ensure that larger rodents are unable to enter.
  • Keeping storage spaces tidy and uncluttered help to deter rodents from getting comfy. They seek areas that will allow them to be well concealed. This can include items that are also found near the exterior of your home as well such as firewood. You should store any such items at least 20 feet away to ensure that any rodents don’t campout near your home.
  • Check your foundation for any cracks or crevices. Fill them in with mortar or sealing caulk to ensure that any gaps will be well sealed and protected against intrusion.

ProShield has service location throughout the United States. ProShield offers pest control service year round to deter pests from ever making your house, their home. Our bi-monthly or quarterly service plans will ensure that you are pest free and treated according to your specific needs. To learn more about ProShield Pest Solutions services for your home or business, simply call (888) 744-1284.