Cold Weather Critters Creeping In?

Winter continues to hit many ProShield customers hard as record breaking frigid temperatures are hitting the United States. When temperatures get cold, insects and other pests seek shelter. Many insects die in the winter due to the cold, laying eggs in soil which will hatch in the spring. Others find their way inside of homes, businesses and other outbuildings to stay warmer.

To ensure that you don’t have a winter infestation, be sure to block any potential entries into your home. Cracks and crevices in doors or window frames provide an easy entrance to warmer climate. You’ll want to ensure that the rubber sealing around doors and windows is in-tact and in operating condition. An easy way to tell is to run your hand around the edges of a window or door frame, feeling for cooler air. During the day, you may be able to check for light coming in from the sun. If either of these occur in the affirmative, it may be time to replace the sealing around the door or window.

Another less thought of entry path is through chimneys or air vents. Chimney caps are a great way to prevent insects and animals from entering. If a chimney cap is not desired, a wire mesh can provide a deterrent for entry from larger pests, however smaller insects will not be stopped from entry.

Rest assured ProShield family, if you have any pest problems this winter, we are standing by to assist. Reach out to your local branch to schedule a consultation today to ensure that your home is kept pest free this winter.