Spring is Beginning to Buzz

Spring time is on it’s way! Unfortunately, it’s not the only thing that may be creeping upon us… Spring time pests are also on their way. The most common pests that ProShield customers see during the spring time are:

The best way to keep these pests from springing into your space is to make it inaccessible by way of blocking any cracks and crevices that may allow them to enter. At ProShield, our anti-bug barrier spray lays out a ring of protection surrounding your home, ensuring that small creepy, crawling bugs won’t reach your home.

Our web/nest removal process will ensure that any webs, wasp nests or egg sacks are removed, keeping those pests ever-further from your home.

To ensure that all barriers of protection are in place, please contact ProShield and schedule an appointment with one of our friendly representatives. We’ll make sure that your Spring is bug-free.